Esther Dindi

 I absolutely admire what you are doing atPancea, you are a very driven and tenacious person. I like this 2nd edition of your (“medical-lay”) magazine.
Daktari, keep chasing serenity 💃.
Andrew Odhiambo, the editor’s note is on the mark 👌

Dr. Esther Dindi


Doctor Fitness

Rose Wangechi Pancea Testimonial

Today I met an amazing lady Dr Liz Bwibo the CEO, PANCEA;a medical magazine
Doc,you are doing a great job in educating the public on matters health
Am so proud of you
Good job👏👏👏
Get a copy for you and a friend to support our very own

Rose Wangeci


Alecks Agege Pancea Testimonial

Thank you Dr. Liz Bwibo for giving me some few pages in your brilliant PANCEA 3rd issue magazine to bleat about bad breath. To the general public, this is the magazine to read -stay healthy. Get your copy today or tomorrow.

Thanks doc and may God continue lifting you up…

Alecks Agege